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Heroes 3x07 Review

Eris Quod Sum

Arthur takes Maya's abilities. She's grateful and Pinehurst send her on her
way. Isn't Maya still a fugitive, wanted for multiple murders? Suresh has
gone bad and decides to do more experiments, because that's worked out so
well for him for the last three seasons. Elle and Claire work together.
Maury Parkman is killed off and Matt actually cares for some reason. Arthur,
Peter, Nathan and Sylar have more endless Petrelli angst.

In season 1, Sylar was this elusive supervillian, yet now he keeps getting roughed up and
captured. Sometimes twice or more in the same episode. Nathan learns his dad
is alive but Peter neglects to mention that Sylar is their elder brother for
some reason. Matt is a bad mind reader as he fails to see that Daphne is
playing him. Hiro bores. This was okay.
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