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The Secret Circle 1x03 Reviewed


The Circle can now only do collective magic and Diana is billy-no-mates because of this. Cassie is dumb and mean and does not want to be friends with Diana. Cassie is hateful. Melissa still fawns over Nick who is a tool. Dawn killed her father-in-law and Sally annoys. Luke fancies Cassie, why? A nutter named Zachary lurks.

Cassie's stupid, Diana's dumb and Cassie will not shut up. This was boring and plain terrible. There is more mystery about the fire 16 years ago. Zachary is a lamer baddie than Charles and that is saying something. Luke wises up and ditches Cassie. Shut up Cassie, just shut up. Diana warns Cassie off her man candy Adam. Zachary is warned off, like that'll work. These people are all morons, MORONS!

Best Lines:
"I don't mind being alone. Unlike you Melissa, I like myself."

"We can't kill everybody who gets in our way."
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