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Book Reviews: Vamparazzi + The Breath of God

Vamparazzi by Laura Resnick

Self absorbed chorus girl Esther Diamond gets involved in more supernatural goings on. She's landed a role in an off-Broadway play 'The Vampyre' and it is a huge hit due to the fact the star claims to be a real vampire. The star's demented fans cause chaos every night and when one of the crazed fans is murdered, Esther learns a real vampire is indeed lurking.

Now Esther and a rag tag group of misfits have to save the day. This is good, a far better screwball comedy than the previous dire Esther Diamond novel 'Unsympathetic Magic'.

The Breath of God by Guy Adams

People die mysteriously and Holmes is informed that magic is the cause. So he and Watson meet Aleister Crowley, Dr Silence, Carnacki and Julian Karswell to ponder what is going on. Watson soon fears that black magic is indeed afoot. But Holmes is ever the rationalist. Who is right and will London fall prey to something from the infernal abyss?

This is very good, a rollicking fantastic romp. Adams manages to make William Hope Hodgson's Carnacki character interesting. Something Hodgson never managed in his dire Carnacki stories. The depiction of Holmes and Watson owes much to the 2009 'Sherlock Holmes' film, which makes the story even more enjoyable. If you like Holmes, MR James ghost stories and the 2009 'Sherlock Holmes' you will love this.

Best Lines:
"Am I to accept that my enemy is wandering around the woods at night with ill-fitting jewelery?"

"Short of a demon leaping out of your soup and grabbing you by the necktie, I doubt anything could convince you."

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