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Retro Review: The Dresden Files 1x10 (2007)

What About Bob?

Harry the wizard/man-ho hooks up with a skank who steals his magic skull, no really. The skull contains Bob, the undead sorcerer, this show might as well have been renamed The Bob Show seeings as Bob got all the attention and Harry was made to look dumb. No wonder it was canceled. Plus they changed way too much from the books.

Murphy annoys, she is a horrible woman. Murphy looks into the death of Harry's uncle Justin Morningway. She thinks Harry murdered him, well she's right. Harry inherited Justin's huge house, how does he pay the property tax on it? Plus why is it safer if it isn't sold? Morgan lurks. The cops exhume Justin and don't raise an eyebrow at the magical runes all over his coffin.

Bob ends up in the hands of Justin, it seems he is not quite dead despite Harry murdering him in a rage with black magic five years ago. Harry needs a wash. Justin killed Harry's dad but the death of Harry's mother is unexplained. There is mutterings about the Morningway bloodline and a hint that Harry's mother wasn't mortal.

Harry goes large ham. Bob will not shut up. The flashback to Justin's 'death' shows it wasn't self-defense. Why did TPTB make Harry so incompetent and useless? Didn't anyone in pathology notice the vanishing autopsy marks? Harry pulls faces, Murphy is stupid and decides to overlook Harry admitting to black magic murder. This was okay but it had too much stupid in it.

Best Lines:
"I would say this is a totally unexpected turn of events. But then we are talking about you aren't we?"

"I saw you die, yet here you are."

"My home too. Until my uncle and I had our little falling out."

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