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Terra Nova 1x02 Reviewed


So is Terra Nova located on Pangaea or what? How did a time fracture in the USA lead to a different continent? Zoe seems older, Jim kept his six-pack in prison and he wants sex. Oh go get lost in the magical poop stealing water chair you tool. Jim suspects that chief science officer Malcolm is after his wife.

Soldiers die and attack birds attack. Jim is jealous and hopeless. Taylor's sidekick from Eps1&2 has vanished. This ep is bloody awful and rips off  scenes from 'The Birds' and 'Starship Troopers'. Josh is dumb. Where did all the mystery about the Sixers and the rock carvings go?

Is Malcolm the only scientist in Terra Nova? I had more fun watching 'Steps Reunion' and learning what a massive tool H was and still is. Why is everyone so dumb? Why has Maddy no personality? This was as bad as something 'Outcasts' crapped out of its hell besmeared farting hole. This is no 'Lost', I've seen 'Sliders' eps better than this! WHERE DID ALL THE PROMISE GO?

Best Lines:
"They tried to put a bullet in your head."
"Not the first time. Won't be the last."

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