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Ringer 1x02 Reviewed

She's Ruining Everything

Gemma's a bit obtuse and there is some unsubtle music. Andrew's a creep and Juliet is annoying. Flashbacks show Bridget was the least convincing drunk and Siobhan had tired of Bridget's crap long ago. Bridget lugs around a huge bottle of bleach to cover up the guy he shot and then eyes a circular saw in an appraising manner.

Henry is a tool. Where are his and Gemma's twins when they're fighting, cheating and getting drunk? Bridget drains Siobhan's secret bank account and attends a party. Bridget's metallic Greekish party dress and horse tail hairdo is a 70's nightmare. She's the subject of a botox joke though.

Victor party crashes to annoy, I'm convinced his character is evil. I hope Nestor Carbonell has more to do on this show then he did on 'Cane'. This ep owes a lot to 'Rope' and Bridget wears killer heels. Andrew's business partner is a skank. Meanwhile in Paris, Siobhan wears black leather and is mean. This was okay but we need more info on what Siobhan is doing and why.
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