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Supernatural 6x18 Reviewed

Sam leads Dean and Bobby to Samuel's huge library which conveniently has Samuel Colt's journal as well as the info that the ashes of a phoenix can kill the Mother of All aka octomom. John Winchester really was the worst hunter ever. Castiel sends Dean and Sam to 1861 to get the phoenix ashes.

Since when is Dean obsessed with Clint Eastwood? TPTB rip off jokes from 'Back to the Future II&III'. Dean and Sam uses the aliases Clint Eastwood and Walker, Texas Ranger, hee. Rachel, an annoying angel shows up. This ep has too much Bobby and it is clear that Castiel is circling the drain. The show has murdered joy. The poor phoenix deserved better. Why do all the creatures look human? This was okay.

Best Lines:
"A giant from the future with some magic brick."

"I'm either too drunk or not drunk enough."

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