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Movie Review: Flightplan (2005)

Kyle (Jodie Foster) and her creepy daughter Julia are flying from Frankfurt to the US on a huge plane. Kyle's husband died and his coffin is in the hold. Due to this fact Kyle is not quite right, so when she wakes up after a nap to find Julia missing, no-one is very sympathetic. Kyle is a hysteric. The pilot (Sean Bean) is trying to keep the peace and there is a lot of dead space in this plane.

The plane has a lounge and a bevy of unhelpful flight attendants including Erika Christensen (of 'Swimfan') and Matthew Bomer (of 'Chuck', 'White Collar' and 'Traveler'). It's 'The Lady Vanishes' on a plane. Everyone thinks Kyle is crazy when it turns out Julia is not listed on the manifest. The air marshal Mr carson (Peter Sarsgaard) is ominous as Kyle dials the annoying hysteric dial higher by the second.

Kyle screeches, attacks people, endangers lives and comes across as a dislikeable psychotic loon. Then there is a WTF plot twist. This is a good film but the plot twist will put some viewers off.

Best Lines:
"It's okay to hate the passengers."

"I am responsible for the safety of every passenger on this plane. Even the delusional ones."
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