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Fringe 4x02 Reviewed

One Night In October
A serial killer over there freezes people. So Olivia has to find his counterpart over here to help catch the nutter. Walter goes crazier and rants about the other universe being loathsome, evil, hateful and contemptible. Physician, heal thyself. Alt Broyles isn't dead and Alt Olivia's baby is gone. Why did they do season 3 if they just erased it?

The serial killer's counterpart is John a psychology professor with some skeletons in the closet. Due to people being idiots, he soon cops on to the profiler, profiled deal. The team are idiots some more and John runs off (after finally seeing the huge amber mountain) to find alt John and fix him. Alt John doesn't want fixing. He needs a wash though.

We get info on how Olivia's past was changed and how John may be changed (will they bring him back later in the season?). Walter annoys some more and poor Joshua Jackson is ignored some more. This was good.

Best Line:
"He can never know that you exist."
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