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The Secret Circle 1x02 Reviewed

Dawn is reminding me of Jill Wagner and I don't know if that is a good thing. Cassie annoys, why didn't her mother tell her the truth? Melissa and Nick are hooking up and he treats her like dirt. Neither Nick or Cassie have curtains which is a bit ick. Cassie's grandmother is useless. Dawn's mean father-in-law shows up to annoy.

Nick is an orphan, so who cares for him? We get some more info on the fate of the circle 16 years ago and what happened to their powers. Ethan has a grudge, Diana's self-righteous, Faye dresses like a streetwalker and the teens have a secret grow house. Cassie keeps running off in a snit and I really don't like her or care. Faye is more interesting.

We get hints of the larger myth arc: crystals, elders and something that must not be unleashed. Faye and Diana worry about Cassie and Adam hooking up, which no doubt is a self fulfilling prophecy. Faye nearly kills someone while high on a 'potion' which is still more subtle than the drug addiction metaphor 'Stargate SG1' did in season 2.

Charles pulls faces, the more screen time he gets the less menacing he seems. The elements are called on and what the circle calls elements intrigues. Adam is a bit blank. The Cassie/Adam pairing is not that hot, Max and Dave kissing on 'Happy Endings' had more spark. This was good.

Best Lines:
"Do you own a shirt?"

"It's like living in a Harry Potter movie."

"Charles Meade is many things, clever is not one of them."

"would you hit that? I'd have to leave my self esteem at the door."
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