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Bones 5x12 Reviewed

The Proof in the Pudding
The gang get pulled into conspiracy theory land when they are forced to examine a skeleton to determine how it died. The skeleton is of a man who was shot in the head in the 60's. Everyone thinks it is JFK. Meanwhile Cam waves a used pregnancy test in people's faces, yuck, trying to determine its provenance. Mr White (Richard T Jones of 'Supernatural') and his MIB gang annoy. Sweets is really annoying, I still miss Zack.

Hodgins is obsessed with conspiracy theories, you think what Zack got up to would have dissuaded him but no. Brennan annoys. Hodgins interferes in Angela's life. Booth beats up three MIB's. The identity of the skeleton and the reason for the examination remain obscure. This was good. Why has this show lasted where 'Brooklyn South', 'Prince Street' and 'The Playboy Club' haven't? Two words: David Boreanaz.

Best Lines:
"Sniper training, they trained me how to walk really really quietly."

"Any reports we write should be carefully worded. As in, there shouldn't be any words in them."

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