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Movie Review: Saved! (2004)

Saved! (2004)

Mary, a teenage girl at an American Christian high school has a vision
(brought on by a near drowning) that she must save her boyfriend. This
involves them doing the deed. He ends up at Mercy House to be fixed and Mary
ends up hiding her pregnancy. this leads her having a religious crisis and
being ostracised by her former friend Hilary-Faye, the Queen Bee of their

Mary ends up hanging out with the school misfits, Hilary-Faye's disabled
brother Roland and the annoying Cassandra, who labours under the
misapprehension that being rude and disrespectful means she is a rebel.
There is some amusing comedy and events come to a head on prom night as
everything comes to a head.

There is a somewhat improbable happily ever after, even for Hilary-Faye who
turns out to be a deeply unhappy person. This is mildly amusing.
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