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Book Review: The Other Side of Dawn

The Other Side of Dawn by John Marsden
The 7th in the 'Tomorrow Series'. Ellie and her gang learn that New Zealand is to launch a D-Day offensive to end the war, so the gang plan their final attacks. Only it all goes horribly wrong. Ellie winds up in prison separated from her friends. After a long time of being beaten up by enemy troops, she learns the war is over.

But peace has come at a bitter price, a vastly unpopular peace treaty. Now Ellie finally heads home to wreckage, ruin, resettlement and family and friends left with personality disorders. It's not how Ellie hoped peace would be. This was not good, it was rather horrid. All the interesting plot happens off the page as Ellie whines and is surrounded by idiots. This was utterly dissatisfying.

Best Line:
"I was so keyed up that if a convoy of tanks had come at me I would have charged into battle with a tennis racquet and a shaken up bottle of coke."
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