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Lost Rewatch: 1x06 + 1x17 Reviewed

House of the Rising Sun
The Sun/Jin relationship made no real sense considering the many flashbacks retelling their backstory. Jack and Kate flirt. The beach scenes are beautiful, too many scenes in later seasons took place in hatches or buildings. Locke puffs out his chest, Locke really amounted to nothing in the end. The lostaways never spoke about the latrine situation.

Sun pulls The Thousand Yard Stare Of Impending Flashback and recalls how Jin went to work for her dad and underwent a personality change. The Sun/Jin relationship was toxic and ridiculous and their end in season 6 where they forgot their daughter was vile. Anyway on the beach Jin beats up Micheal, Walt is ever useless and Jin is handcuffed (nobody thinks about the lack of a key).

Jack, Kate, Charlie and Locke go to the caves. Bees chase them around and Jack and Kate find the skeletons in the cave. Season 6 gave a terrible explanation for those skeletons. Sawyer annoys and is useless. Micheal and Walt annoy. Jin annoys. Sun was a massive hypocrite. Jack proposes a move to the caves. This was slightly boring. I am looking forward to 'Alcatraz'.

Sun reveals she can speak English which she learned as part of her plan to escape Jin. Whatever became of her dog though? Locke does his typical insane babbling. Micheal wields an axe at Jin. Kate sits on the beach sulking. We get a musical montage thanks to Hurley's cd player. This had no memorable scene like the chilling one in 'Deus Ex Machina' when Locke bangs on the hatch and a light comes on.

Best Line:
"I have a deranged Korean guy trying to kill me."

In Translation
Words cannot express how much I loathe season 6 of 'Lost'. We get Jin's POV of events from 1x06. Sun's evil pa Mr Paik is the typical evil dad, he's mobbed up and mean. Jin is billy-no-mates on the island as everyone thinks he's a wife abusing jerk. Well he is a horrible git so they're not entirely wrong. A few seasons later Jin would be Mr Popular and Jack would be billy-no-mates/Mr Die Already.

Micheal works on the raft. Where the writers ever going to go anywhere with the Sun/Micheal stuff? Shannon and Sayid hook up but he'd forget all about her as soon as Nadia showed up again. Jin plays golf, was the golf curse ever seen again after season 1? I think not. Shannon makes an S&M joke to Sayid. Sawyer annoys. Walt is a brat. Micheal's raft burns up and billy-no-mates Jin is blamed.

Boone was a waste of skin, he was blind as to how he and his mother treated Shannon, stole her money and turned her into the trash she became. Hurley was on TV in Korea during Jin's flashback, I Iiked moments like that. Sawyer kicks Jin in the face, he's fond of that. Sayid acts like a jerk. Locke will not shut up. In flashback Jin beats up a guy and cries and starts to really resent his shrew wife. Sun reveals she speaks English to stop Jin being lynched, Jin being Jin is upset. Locke brings up the Others.

Micheal decides to build a second raft. Jin stomps off to be self righteous. Jin (in flashback) visits his nice father who he denies. The reveal of who burnt the raft was unexpected. There's another musical montage and then Hurley's CD player dies, yay! This was dull.

Best Lines:
"How does a woman like you learn to tie a perfect bowline knot?"
"By dating guys with sailboats."

"He wasn't always like this."

"It's Lord of the Flies time now."

"We're ignoring the simple, undeniable truth that the problem isn't here it's there! They've attacked us, sabotaged us, abducted us, murdered us! Maybe it's time we stopped blaming us and start worrying about them! We're not the only people on this island and we all know it!"

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