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Angel & Faith Issue 2 Reviewed

Live Through This, Part Two
Isn't this technically season 7 of 'Angel'? So why is the cover plastered with Season 9 It's always All About Buffy isn't it? Where are Gunn, Nina, Connor, Gwen, Illyria, Lorne and George? Why aren't they even mentioned? Anyway Angel plans his 'Pet Sematary' resurrection of Giles. Faith pulls faces and broods in her huge flat. How on earth did Giles afford that huge flat in central London? How can Faith pay her council tax, rent and bills?

Also since when was Giles a warlock? Also why all the focus on bringing Giles back? What about Cordelia, Jenny or Anya? Angel's crazy plan calls for demon blood so he and Faith go looking for some. Meanwhile Nash and Pearl, the annoying non-villains lurk. This was good, it does make Buffy seem childish though by comparison. I'm liking the character direction and the fact the art/plot is good makes one realise how crappy 'Angel: After The Fall' was.

Best Line:
"If I avoided people who want to kill me, I'd never leave the house."

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