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Movie Review: Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2011)

A pack of idiot college kids drive into hillbilly country and attract the attention of two creepy looking hillbillys Tucker (Alan Tudyk of 'Dollhouse' and 'Firefly') and Dale (Tyler Labine of 'Invasion' and 'Reaper'). But the college kids are too dumb and smug to notice that despite never seeming to bathe, Tucker and Dale are nice guys. Dale tries to impress college kid Allison but giggling and holding a scythe makes the college kids think Tucker and Dale are murderous hillbillys like you see in films like 'Wrong Turn' and 'Just Before Dawn'.

Tucker and Dale go to work fixing up Tucker's vacation home while the college kids discuss the Memorial Day Massacre that took place 20 years ago. When the beer drinking rednecks save Allison from drowning the college kids presume they're kidnapping her. Head college kid Chad is a deeply insane jerk and incites his moron friends to retaliate.

This leads to idiots dying, more misunderstanding, miscommunication and judgmental idiots with no survival skills falling into woodchippers. Tucker and Dale think its a suicide pact, Chad won't let anyone call the police and sharpens his axe and one wonders how did these morons get into college? This was good and very funny. A good natured deconstruction of the killer hillbilly genre.

The scenes with the woodchipper and the bees/chainsaw had me laughing so hard I nearly fell off my chair. The college kids (Allison included) are cardboard cutouts wearing American Apparel and in one case stripper heels so their horrible, horrible deaths don't register much empathy. The whole series of unfortunate events could have been avoided if anyone had a brain but no it's machete grabbing and chainsaw dueling instead. Tyler Labine should get more comedy roles, he is not the poor man's Jack Black or Seth Rogen.

Best Lines:
"You're a good looking man, more or less."

"It's college kid blood."

"He's gonna walk it off."

"We don't want to escalate things."

"This vacation sucks."

"Do we look like a couple of psycho killers to you?"

"This is where evil lives."
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