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I love board games (I have never in my life played Angry Birds or Farm Ville and have no desire to) and I am reading up on the Arkham Horror board game with glee but it has something like 10 HUGE expansion packs. Oh I'm so tempted :P

'Modern Family' Quote:
"Where I come from, men cherish woman. It goes wife, mistress, dog. Dog always goes at the bottom."

'Stargate SG1' Quotes 'The Shroud':
"Had those people eating out of his hands without issuing one tiny little genocidal threat."

"This is new."
"Yes, it's always something isn't it."

'Bones' Quotes 'The Goop on the Girl':
"I'm not used to having evidence that talks."

"My son wouldn't hurt a fly."
"He's an exterminator, by definition he hurts flies."

"I find him pleasing to look at."

'Doctor Who' Quotes 'The Wedding of River Song':
"They want me dead."
"No, not really. They just don't want you to remain alive."

"A question will be asked. A question that must never ever be answered."

"Napoleon gave me this bottle. Well I say gave, threw."

"Father I think Mummy might need another drink."

Films I want to watch but haven't got around to yet: 'Flightplan', 'The Quiet' and 'Transformers 2'.

'Hollyoaks: The Wedding' trailer
Gothic misery to the tune of Billy Idol. Looks good. BTW show you've finally put Ste in the opening credits montage, can you give him a storyline too please?
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