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The Secret Circle (2011 - 2012) 1x01 Review

I read the LJ Smith trilogy back in 1999 and so gave this a chance. Already it is far better than the terrible 'The Vampire Diaries'. The bland Cassie Blake moves to a new town after her mother is murdered by fugly Charles (Gale Harold of 'Vanished') Cassie meets Faye (Phoebe Tonkin of 'Tomorrow When The War Began'), Diana who is boring and insipid, Nick who takes his shirt off, Faye's BFF Melissa and Diana's man candy Adam (Thomas Dekker). Cassie likes Adam. But as the fugly Charles and Faye's evil mother (the naked chick from 'Species') know, they're all witches.

Cassie pulls faces and wears hick clothing. Nobody noticed Charles murdering Cassie's momma and guess whose daddy he is? Diana's! The plot from the book of all the witch families living on Crowhaven Road and running the town dosen't seem to be in the show. Adam's drunk dad Ethan weeps over Cassie's dead mom until Charles puts a scare into him. I guess Charles is the school bully all grown up.

OTT Faye sets Cassie's car on fire with her in it. Adam and Cassie do magic. The coven was bigger in the book plus they were all jerks. I like the opening credits and the plots being set up do intrigue. What happened to the previous circle 16 years ago? Who was Cassie's dad? Why did they abolish witchcraft? I liked this.

Okay Cassie is stupid and whines, Faye wore clothes that were too tight and too short and Diana is an annoying Elizabeth Wakefield type but it has promise. This was good, so the parents were the creepy gang back in their day and now the next generation are carrying on the tradition. I hope this lives up to the promise.

Best Lines:
"That's Faye, resident bad girl."

"We can't let it happen again."
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