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Supernatural 6x17 Reviewed

My Heart Will Go On
People die in 'Final Destination' style death-traps. Sam and Dean investigate. Whiny Bobby hangs out with his annoying wife Ellen. Dean drives an ugly car. There is a Trump Casino in Cuba. This is all down to the fact that the Titanic didn't sink. Sam and Dean want Ellen to stay, I do not as Ellen, Jo, Bela and Ruby were the worst things to happen to this show before the idiot Campbell plotline.

Balthazar claims he saved the ship as he hated the song and movie and now Celine Dion is a destitute lounge singer in Quebec. But a Fate lurks and she knows something. A Blondie song plays. Dean & Castiel 4ever! Someone's lying. There is terrible green screen and then Celine Dion plays. This was good. Apart from Ellen, this was the best thing since 'Wishful Thinking' back in season 4.

Best Lines:
"Did grandma ever piss off a gypsy?"

"You totally butterfly effected history."

"No Kutcher references."

"One less Billy Zane movie."

"The other angel. You know the one in the dirty trench coat who's in love with you."
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