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'Hello Again' (1987) trailer
A desperate housewife (Shelley Long) dies thanks to "a chicken ball that ended it all" but a year later her new age moron sister raises her from the dead. As you do. Cue wacky misadventures. She wears awful 80's clothes, wails about her funeral attire: "What am I doing in this dress?" and ponders what she missed: "By any chance do you know what happened on Knot's Landing?" Gabriel Byrne lurks somewhere in the background. Now this trailer makes this look like an amusing 80's cheesy laugh-fest. THIS TRAILER LIES. Never watch this film.

'Kaboom' trailer
Thomas Dekker of 'Heroes' and 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' broods while weird looking stuff takes place around him.

The zombie novels 'Breathers' and 'The Reapers are the Angels' are terrible.

'The Walking Dead' season 2 trailer
Okay so we get loads of zombies but will Lori and Shane just shut up and die already?!?!

'Chase' Quote:
"I'm drunker than a boiled owl."
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