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Book Review: Gaslight Arcanum

Gaslight Arcanum: Uncanny Tales of Sherlock Holmes edited by J.R. Campbell and Charles Prepolec
Like its predecessors 'Gaslight Grimoire' and 'Gaslight Grotesque' this is a mixed bag with some underwritten stories and never quite reaches the heights it could have.

The Comfort of the Seine
An attempt to explain where Holmes learned his skills and why he is so unfeeling. It starts out well enough but the mid story twist was ludicrous.

The Adventure of Lucifer's Footprints
Badly written dreck about mysterious footprints in the English countryside. I've read better 'Sherlock' fanfic than this.

The Deadly Sin of Sherlock Holmes
Holmes encounters a deadly tome of eldritch lore. Things get all too ludicrous and the writer ignores the unforgivable 'experiment' Holmes does on Watson.

The Color That Came to Chiswick
Lovecraftian horrors lurk in a brewery. Awful.

From The Tree of Time
Dracula tells of a investigation he and Holmes conducted. Okay.

The Executioner
A different take on how Holmes survived Reichenbach. Good.

A Country Death
An old retired bee keeper dies and a detective investigates dark goings on. Excellent, this redeems the tome.

Sherlock Holmes and the Great Game
Holmes and Watson investigate deep in the Canadian ice but they aren't the Holmes and Watson you think you know. Good.

Sherlock Holmes and the Diving Bell
A man dead for five years is speaking from 90 fathoms down, or is he? Good.

The Greatest Mystery
Mysterious murders puzzle the duo. I misliked this.

The House of Blood
Sherlock Holmes in modern day Las Vegas. Dull.

The Adventures of the Six Maledictions
Moran and Moriarty steal six cursed objects and their owners soon come looking. This is hilarious and very good.

Best Lines:
"Bohemian kings...I am besieged with the consequences of their mischief."

"But Mr Holmes, the codex has been linked to numerous crimes! In fact, it is directly responsible for several ghastly murders."
"Is the book so poorly written,...as to incite the readers to violence? Then why not simply fling the offending volume into the fireplace?"

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