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Tape Tales + stuff

Was going through my stuff and found some old videotapes. My, how my taste
in tv has changed.

Tape one was from either 2000 or 2001. I can't remember taping any of the
stuff on it or why I taped it. On the tape was, in no particular order, a
made for tv horror flick 'The Eighteenth Angel', a 'Xena: Warrior Princess'
ep and a 'G vs E' ep. The 'Xena' ep had lots of women in impractical armour
and excessive make-up, bad acting, subtext and not much else. I haven't seen
so many under-dressed, untalented skanks since a 'Danity Kane' music video.
The 'G vs E' had way too much of the lead character's irritating son, bad
acting and gratuitous product placement. As for 'The Eighteenth Angel'? It
was murky, overwrought melodrama.

Tape two was from an unknown date. On it were one episode each of 'The
Others', 'Xena: Warrior Princess', 'Popular'
and 'Relic Hunter'. The ep of
'The Others' was boring and populated by ugly, selfish characters. The
'Xena' ep was an unfunny comedy, it was a season 6 episode which explains
that. The show was better in seasons 1 to 4. The 'Popular' ep was just dull
as was 'Relic Hunter'.

I can only vaguely recall liking this stuff. I used to love 'Xena: Warrior
. As for the rest of the stuff? Who cares?

Listened to 'The Promise' by Il Divo. It's better than their boring previous
release. But it is not as good as the earlier cd's: 'Il Divo' or 'Ancora'.
No track really stands out. Also looking at the photos of the quartet in the
cd booklet, one gets the impression that they really don't like each other.

Onto other matters. Who else thinks that the season 10 'Stargate SG1' ep
'The Shroud' was a huge letdown? They let spoilers for it leak months before
the airdate: Daniel! Goes! Evil! And what do TPTB do? Make it full of quips
and dumb jokes. Morons. Of course originally it was supposed to be 'Daniel
does go bad, really bad for approx a season' but cancellation put paid to
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