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Roisin Dubh Issue 1 Reviewed

This is a nice black&white Irish comic about a Buffy expy in 1899. Roisin is an unhappy whiny rich girl until one day a Neamh-Mharibh (vampire) is dug up and attacks her and her parents. Roisin lives, sort of. Her parents well, that's for issue 2.

Anyway the Neamh-Mharibh is a former Chieftan that's been buried for 1000 years and it's hungry. Roisin is tasked by the Lord of the Underworld and the Crow of the Battlefield to kill it and find out who dug it up and why.

This is good. The stark b&w art adds to the gothic feel of the tale. Granted Roisin is an annoying whiner but that can be overlooked.

Best Line:
"Until today he had been restrained in his grace for over a thousand years."
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