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United States of Tara 3x12 Review

The Good Parts
And so it ends, on a high note after the dreadful season 2 and this patchy season. Tara decides to go to the doctor in Boston, why she didn't do this some time ago is not explained. Tara does not want to end up in a 'Shutter Island' style nut house but maybe she should. How are they paying for this foray to Boston anyway? Meanwhile we see Max's inner monologues in all their honesty, he's unhappy and ready to snap.

Charmain and Neil hang out with Tara despite the events of previous eps. Tara throws a dinner party and does not notice that Max is cracking up. Max finally freaks out, beats up the turducken dinner and screams, rants and raves as he lets loose everything he has been holding in for years.

Marshall visits Lionel's memorial. Kate and Evan plan. Tara's alters aren't going anywhere and it seems nothing will ever change. This was okay.

Best Lines:
"It's obvious you two think I'm some kind of retarded hillbilly."

"I'm done with it all."

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