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Supernatural 6x16 Review

...And Then There Were More
This was terrible. Eve wanders around in a nightie, Gwen and Samuel show up. Bobby and Rufus have issues, are we supposed to care? People act like idiots. Gwen dies. It's all very 'The X Files'. Samuel dies. What was the point of the whole horrible misfiring Campbell plotline?

Sam blathers about blood but nobody cares that Gwen or Samuel are dead. So Dean and Sam's mother was a liar, their father a drunk abusive neglectful psycho and their mother's kinfolk were conniving jerks. Lovely.

There's another death and way too much blathering by Bobby. This was stupid. What won't TPTB kill Bobby off and whatever became of Sam's 'powers'?

Best Line
"If anything crawls out of anybody, somebody step on it."
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