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'Two and a Half Men' Quotes:
"Hosing vomit off the occasional drug addled hooker."

"She passed out and Charlie and I kept going without her."

"That's how horror movies start."

'Smallville' Quotes 'Scion'
"I won't let you hurt him like you did Lex. He was my closest friend and Lionel Luthor's influence destroyed him."
"You destroyed Lex with your secrets and lies."

'Revenge' 1x02 promo

'Flight of Black Angel' (1991) trailer
This stars Peter Strauss (whatever became of him) as a fighter pilot taking on a crazed protege. Seriously what did he expect from a guy whose callsign is Black Angel?

Stephen Baxter's 'Bronze Summer' is a massive letdown after the greatness of 'Stone Spring'.

'United States of Tara' Quote:
"Everything that's happened to your family, your kids, your husband, everything they are, everything they could've been but aren't, it's all your fault."

'Friends With Benefits' Quote:
Shut up Katherine Heigl!”

'Watchmen' Quotes:
"What happened?"
"You quit."

"Do you really feel normal?"

"Maybe we should agree on no drinking at meetings."

"Never disposed of sewage with a toilet before. Obvious really."

I'm not locked in here with you! You're locked in here with me!"

"Remember that crazy guy? What did he call himself? Captain Carnage. Used to pretend he was a supervillain just so he could get beat up all the time."
"Yeah he tried that on me once. I just walked away. He starts following me down the street in broad daylight yelling: punish me, punish me. And I'm just saying: no, get lost."
"God, whatever happened to him?"
"Oh uh, he pulled that on Rorschach and Rorschach dropped him down an elevator shaft."
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