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Trailers and Stuff

'The Playboy Club' trailer
Looks good but is a blatant 'Mad Men' ripoff. Plus that sleaze from 'Invasion' is no John Hamm.

'22.11.63' book trailer
Intriguing, not as good as the 'Under The Dome' trailer but intriguing.

'Pam Am' trailer
This is beyond cheesy, this looks like utter utter crud.

'The Walking Dead' season 2 trailer
Looking good.

'Spooks' is having its 10th and final series this year and I'll never forgive the show for butchering the Lucas North character. But as 'Spooks' ends this year that means the spinoff 'Spooks: Code 9' is the coda to the series. Which means Harry's face pulling and all the death and mental issues racked up in 10 series of 'Spooks' is for nothing as things get worse. As 'Spooks: Code 9' showed us the UK ends up a fascist state, London is decimated and MI5 ends up restaffed by chavs. This could only be topped by Lucas North being Not Quite Dead in the final ep of 'Spooks' series 10 and shooting Harry and Ruth and then digging up Roz's corpse to slap it around :)
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