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Buffy Season 9 Issue 1 + Dollhouse Issue 3 Reviewed

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 Issue 1

Freefall Part One

Buffy has new room-mates, new ugly clothes, no plans to return to college and gets drunk. Dawn and Xander bore. Willow has a job. How does Willow have a job? When has she ever worked a day in her life? Girls are being murdered again. Was that married guy supposed to be Riley? Spike tells tales of that delightful incident with Willow back in season 4. People plot with a demon. Other demons plot. How Buffy and co afford to live in San Francisco isn't explained. Willow whines. The final page is a joke. This was AWFUL. There was some crud in season 8 but this beats all that out by a long shot.

Dollhouse Epitaphs Issue 3

Alpha's going mental. We get hints of the bad thing that happened to Ivy. Zone, Mag and Griff continue to be annoying. Ivy's imprints talk about sex non-stop. Are the writers 7 or something? Ballard shows up to annoy. This was okay.
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