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Reviews Forthcoming + More Quotes

This is a list of stuff I hope to review in the coming months: 'Horrors Beyond', 'Electric Barracuda', 'Silver-Tongued Devil', 'Stories for Nightime and Some for day', 'Long Lankin', 'The Dead of Night', 'Cryer's Cross', 'Web Weaver', 'Rings of Time', 'White Collar' season 2, 'Rise Like Lions', 'Westward Weird', 'Ghosts of Bly' and 'Undone Deeds'.

'United States of Tara' Quotes:

"I'm going to be awful to you."
"That's the whole point of the role-play. Can I get you anything? Cold beverage, tea, coffee?"
"Wash your hands stewardess! I can still smell the co-pilot all over your fingers, sky waitress!"
"What? Why are my hands all over the co-pilot in this scenario?"
"For attention. Your looks'll be gone in ten years, and then what? Back to internet porn?"
"I told you that in confidence, you little bitch! Coke? Water?"
"You're going nowhere, loser!"
"I am going to rip out your extensions!"
"It's called a weave! Ooh, that was fun! Now you do me!"

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