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Fringe Ep 6 Review

The Cure

Best Lines:
"We have goo-ification."

"What if these people aren't just experiments? What if somebody is preparing for something?"

A woman in distress is tossed out of a van. Then after staggering into a cafe, she goes all 'Scanners' on the people inside and everyone dies. It seems some mad scientists looking to turn people into living weapons are to blame. This show has more mad scientists than 'Eureka'. The person behind is all is the CEO of Intrepus, a rival to Massive Dynamic. So Massive Dynamic are helpful in taking him down. Massive Dynamic CEO Nina Sharp reveals she knows Peter. Meanwhile Olivia broods over her violent stepfather and his stalker antics. This was an okay episode.

So is Charlie the nice FBI agent going to be a good guy or a bad guy? Broyles looks like he should eat some sandwiches. Is there something weird about Peter?
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