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Teen Wolf 1x11 Review

Stiles and Scott don't care about Derek. Moronic Kate is a mad cow. Allison goes dress shopping leaving a chained up Derek in Kate's tender graces. Then she shoots arrows at Derek's wanted poster, what a piece of work.

Allison lies, there's a school dance and Scots an idiot. Lydia's dumb and her outfit is fugly. Stiles is stupid. Jackson is menaced by Mr Argent. Lydia just stands around and lets the Alpha chew on her. Scott is banned from the dance for literally being stupid. Scott bullies Jackson with his stupid CGI teeth.

Scott shows off his silly werewolf makeup. Allison whirls around the dance floor uncaring about Derek. Scott whines and is thankless. Jackson is vile. The mad lacrosse coach chases Scot around the gym. An emo band plays.

Derek and Kate were once an item. Fascinating. Allison is beyond redemption at this point. Lydia's been made stupid, no Fields Medal for her and Scott, Stiles, Jackson and the entire Argent family need to go. This was awful.
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