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Torchwood Miracle Day Ep 10 Review

The Blood Line
Shut up Gwen and put on some skincream. Why don't they just shoot Danes? We find out why the three families did what they did, we still don't know what the Blessing is. Danes will not shut up. Gwen makes it all about her. PC Andy shows up for no clear reason.

Charlotte is such a blatant baddie, I'm amazed no one suspected her transvestite donkey witch self earlier. Shapiro is a bit slow, shame to see him go. Do female workers at the CIA have any concept of work appropriate attire?

Why is there a chicken? There is mention of The Creator, the three families annoy and I'm reminded of 'Babylon 5' and the Shadows and the Vorlons. Gwen needs to die but sadly does not. Several people die. Annoying people live. Rhys is still thankless. There are sequel hooks laid out among them the statement that this was all a trial run. This was okay.
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