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Quotes and Stuff

'Perfect Stranger' Quotes:
"More entry points than a college girl on Mardi Gras."

"Congratulations, clean up your new office."

'One Tree Hill' Quote:
"Our dad asked my mom to prom."

'Happy Endings' Quotes:
"Are you trying to get sold into white slavery?"

"I don't own a tv."
"What do you do at night?"

"Your awesome Samantha makes a living by moving in with cute girls, setting up webcams and charging people to watch."
"Oh my god, that's why she wanted to eat popsicles and have a cream cheese fight yesterday."

'Awakening' trailer
This UK horror film looks utterly creepy.

Got the 'Tomorrow, When The War Began' dvd. I love it, I hope they film 'The Dead of Night'.

'The Other Boleyn Girl' Quotes:
"What you suggest is treason. He cannot marry you, his has his Queen."
"Who cannot produce a male heir."
"You reach too high, as always."

"I am Catherine, Queen of England. The King's one true wife and mother of the heir to the throne. Beloved of the people and beloved of a King you have bewitched."

"Somehow I need to make him understand that this will be worth it. When I am his Queen and give him a son."

"I have torn this country apart for you!"

"I have got rid of a good woman in the Queen."
"A dried out husk who failed you."

"You cursed evil witch."

"It is a sad day for England, when nobles do not rise for their Queen."

I had high hopes for Preston&Child's 'Cold Vengeance' after the delightful 'Fever Dream'. I should have known better after the terrible 'Gideon's Sword' but 'Cold Vengeance' was a massive letdown. It's slow, dumb and stupid with idiot side plots. Helen is pathetic, Pendergast walks off a sucking chest wound and runs around being a jerk. A character from 'Mount Dragon' is brought back for no clear reason. D'Agosta is back at work despite being shot in the heart, undergoing surgery, being poisoned and comatose in 'Fever Dream'. Also D'Agosta is back to being treated like crap by Pendergast and taking it for some insane reason. Pendergast makes a blase throwaway admission that he nearly got his BFF killed but scampers off to deal with the piss poor ending. Typical, just typical.
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