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The Last Enemy (2008) Eps 2-5 Reviewed

Ep 2
This is so bad I’d rather be watching ‘Jersey Shore In Italy’. Steven is stupid. David abducts Steven. Yasim shows up to be histrionic. Conspiracy theory crap is babbled. Steven’s an idiot, Yasim is annoying and people just keep wandering into Michael’s flat.

The anti ID organization Magna Carta is mentioned but it plays no part in anything. Michael comes home. This plot makes no sense, the acting is bad and everyone’s a prat. Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap.

Best Lines:
“This guy here committed suicide, shot himself in the head. Twice.”

“Are you suggesting I take part in a back street autopsy?”

Ep 3
This is like ‘Outcasts’ and ‘Demons’, promises much and delivers little. David suddenly has a buddy. Michael snoops through Steven’s laptop especially the files he has helpfully labelled classified. Steven and Yasim stroll around in blue overalls attracting no attention.

Shouldn’t Steven be at work? David lies. Why are we supposed to care about a dead woman? Yasim and her accent needs to shut up. Michael snoops. Yasim will not shut up. There is blathering about a virus, bad acting and Steven racks up foes left and right because he’s dumb. This was so boring.

Best Line:
“I don’t take rides from people who shoot guns at me.”

Ep 4
Steven’s abducted, again and beaten up. Michael is smug. Yasim is stupid beyond belief. Steven doesn’t care Michael is alive, because soon enough the duo are fighting over Yasim. Seriously, why are they panting over her?

Steven gets hauled off again, this is ridiculous. People still wander in and out of the flat. Michael is annoying. Steven’s ID is cancelled and he’s such an unperson now, he can’t even use his mobile phone.

Steven gets mocked by a sarcastic pawn shop owner (Dexter Fletcher). Benedict Cumberbatch overacts to such an extent, that I’m amazed he ever got another acting job again after this. There is an idiot revelation and a lot of diabolic women, thanks writers for showing us your issues. This was contumacious.

Ep 5
And so it ends. A dude is dead. David lurks. Michael’s sick and then he’s not. There is a revelation and a non-twist. There is a downbeat ending as Steven, Michael and Yasim get to be miserable and or dead. If they hadn’t been so thick none of this would have happened. This was typical BBC liberal hippy ranting and was depressingly bad. I haven’t seen something this awful since ‘My Own Worst Enemy’.
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