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Chase 1x03 + Teen Wolf 1x10 Reviewed

The Comeback Kid
Annie and Jimmy have boring issues. Annie's a bully. A former mob boss (Robert Knepper of 'Prison Break') has had it with living a fake normal life and starts shooting people who annoy him. His galpal (Kathleen York of 'Vengeance Unlimited') flutters. There's good use of a Johnny Cash song. There's a shootout and more annoying Annie and Jimmy crap. Shut up, no-one cares.

Best Line:
"When I was your age I was hiring penthouses with Harvard educated hookers."

The vet reveals his secret. Scott is a moron again. Kate overacts. Allison annoys. Stiles is a moron and Derek is in peril. The Alpha is about as scary as a dishrag. The werewolf make up is awful. Stiles gets his father drunk on purpose. Scott fears doors.

Jackson needs to be on a lithium drip. Scott scrunches up his brow. Allison's dad corners Jackson and comes across as a perv. Scott screams and yells, why is he such a moron? This was awful. all these people need to die.

Best Line:
"If I may interrupt your listing of the top five most impotent sounding threats for just a moment."
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