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Masters of Horror: Incident On and Off a Mountain Road

I heard of the 'Masters of Horror' anthology series a good while ago but never got to see an episode until now. I learnt I didn't miss much, I've seen episodes of 'Monsters' or 'The Hitchhiker' that were better than this. I can't believe that Dan Coscarelli who gave us the 'Phantasm' movies directed this.

Anyway Ellen crashes her car and is chased by a monster. Luckily her crazy survivalist husband Bruce has taught her survival tactics. So she turns the table on the monster with its field of victims. 'Incident on and off a mountain road' was boring with an idiot plot. Angus Scrimm was wasted in his cameo role. Leaving aside the bad acting and the gore and bore, this wasn't scary.

Still it had one or two okay moments: like when Ellen launches her final fatal attack on the monster by smacking him with a skeleton and the twist that reveals what happened to Bruce.
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