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United States of Tara 3x10 + True Blood 3x10 Reviewed

Train Wreck
Tara lies about Bryce her homicidal alter. Kate runs off to be with her boytoy despite hating his feral son. Lionel's dead and Marshall mourns and is sick of his mother. Tara whines and wrecks everything and acts out yet again. This was good, why anyone puts up with Tara remains unexplained. Tara tried to deal with Bryce via denial and pills and that led to attempted murder and property destruction and child endangerment. Why isn't she locked up?

Best Lines:
"Murder by shellfish."

"No one can have bigger problems than her."

"Most people love mourning violent death. Is an open casket funeral or..."
"Judging from the accident report. I doubt if he's in any shape for that."

I Smell A Rat
Sookie is a fairy. Crystal and her daddy are thankless trash. Sam recalls when he was a jewel thief and was betrayed by his lady love in some bizarre noir throw away plot which may be meant to explain why he stopped shaving.

Bill lies. Nan lies. Jessica proves Arlene's point. Sookie is thoroughly stupid and callous as she never bothers to ask what happened to Tara until Tara tells her. Sookie's self righteous and dumb. Arlene tells Terry the truth. Lafayette and Jesus trip. Jason tells Tara his secret. Russell hires a man-ho.

Tommy proves he is trash. Bill needs to shut up. Jason orders Bill out of his house in an awesome scene that made it worth sitting through season 3 and Talbot for. Crystal reveals her secret. This was uh, I cannot stand Bill or Sookie.

Best Lines:
"A fey coupled with one of your female ancestors."

"Are you mentally competent and under no duress at this time?"

"A whole new dimension in trash."

"It's not respect if your employees think you're a psychopath."

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