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Torchwood Miracle Day Ep 9 Reviewed

The Gathering
Two months later, there's another Great Depression and the overflow camps are reopened. Gwen robs a pharmacy because it's always all about her isn't it? She always gets away with her crap. Gwen's dad is in the cellar comatose, but not for long. Esther and Jack are somehow in Scotland. Someone is watching Gwen.

Gwen, Rhys and her mother are morons. Oswald Danes shows up to annoy. Charlotte acts suspiciously. Everyone listens to Danes for some reason. Jilly is told she's a storyteller. The Blessing is revealed. This was good save for Gwen still being a judgmental lecturing annoyance.

Best Lines:
"Hugh Jenkins has gone up in smoke and all he had was a bad back."

"Anyone who can leave the house under their own steam is of no interest to me."

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