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Movie Review: Buried Alive (1990)

A tv movie directed by Frank Darabont. Clint Goodman (Tim Matheson) is a nice guy married to the over bleached miserable harpy Joanna (Jennifer Jason Leigh). Joanna hates small town life and wants to go back to NY instead of hanging around while Clint builds houses. She's having an affair with Dr Clint Van Owen. He gives her a vial of pufferfish poison and suggests that Joanna rid herself of Clint.

While baking some tin foil wrapped mess for dinner Joanna can't take any more of nice guy Clint and poisons his wine. Clint keels over and his unloving wife screeches: "Damn you die! Die already!" Wanting Clint's insurance money and all the cash from selling his construction company, Joanna doesn't bother having Clint embalmed and she splashes out on the cheapest and most ill-built coffin ever. Which is good as Clint ain't dead.

Clint wakes up in his well lit leaky coffin which seems to have been buried about one foot deep and claws his way out. He staggers home, no-one notices. He washes up and plans revenge, no-one notices. Joanna is too busy staring into the middle distance with a vaguely sinister look on her face and trying to shoot Clint's loyal dog.

Joanna and her lover soon come face to face with their nemesis as Clint doles out a painful revenge as he traps them via some nifty carpentry skills. Clint wields his chainsaw with an unforgiving look in his eye. Joanna pays for her betrayal and this was okay. There was an inferior sequel with Ally Sheedy.

Best Lines:
"You plan so carefully every last detail and then some lunatic comes along and starts playing interior decorator."

"We've got Jason upstairs and Cujo in the front yard."

"Don't come back here. Ever."

"Honey, I'm home."


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