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Book Review: The Best Horror of the Year Volume One

The Best Horror of the Year Volume One edited by Ellen Datlow

This was a disappointmentt, it was okay but not as good as Volume Two.

Cargo - A bad and tasteless exploitation of the Jonestown Massacre.

If Angels Fight - A confusing tale about possession.

The Clay Party - The Donner Party retold. It's okay.

Penguins of the Apocalypse - A drunk flails around in the gutter blaming everyone but himself. Boring.

Esmeralda - A hunted book depository and melodramatic women. Crap.

The Hodag - A town defends itself against the predations of a monster. Okay.

Very Low Flying Aircraft - An RAF pilot flies too low, crap.

When The Gentlemen Go By - A small town made a bargain, now one sad woman has to carry out her part. Good.

The Lagerstatte - A woman just won't get over her grief already. Drags on.

Harry And The Monkey - A boy's imaginary friend isn't so imaginary. Good.

Dress Circle - A woman goes to the opera and never leaves. WTF is the only way to describe this.

The Rising River - A woman talks to the dead. Good.

Loup-Garou - A man sees a film that changes his life. Okay but makes no sense.

Girl In Pieces - A bizarre urban fantasy noir full of various mythologies. Okay.

It Washed Up - A retelling of 'The Pied Piper'. Short but good.

The Goosle - 'Hansel and Gretel' part II, he's back and he's mad. Good.

Beach Head - A smuggler wakes up buried on a beach. Okay.

The Man From The Peak - A vampire crashes a hot-tub party. Not good at all.

The Narrows - Teachers try to lead their pupils to safety after nuclear war but safety is nowhere to be found. This is creepy and brilliant.
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