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True Blood 3x09 + United States of Tara 3x09 + Chase 1x02 Reviewed

Everything is Broken

Sookie and Bill screw some more, doesn't she chafe? Russell grieves over Talbot, why? Bill lies and has a vision. Crystal is trashy. Hot Shot is the sort of place where marrying your cousin is considered posh. Nan and the Authority bore. Sam's brother annoys.

Jason's dumb. Franklin shows up again. The VRA and the AVL go down the tubes thanks to Russell and Nan being stupid. Hadley shows up with her son Hunter. Holly gets involved in Arlene and Tara's business.

The vampire fangs are as dumb looking as ever. Russell carries Talbot's bits around in a plastic jar that is supposed to be crystal but obviously isn't. Russell goes large ham. This was okay.

Best Line:
"I'm calling in the FBI, the DEA, the ATF, the DOJ and Blackwater."

Bryce Will Play

Tara sees yet another doctor (Robert Picardo) and for some reason isn't locked up. She never wants to deal with the crap she pulls. Plus with all the crap she pulls and money she wastes how does she find time to go to class and avoid bankruptcy?

Marshall has fun in NY, Max does not mostly due to viewing Marshall's terrible, TERRIBLE short film. Tara lies. Kate's boyfriend's son annoys. Charmain hangs out with other mommies. Tara nearly kills Hatteras and still avoids locking up. It seems Bryce her new alter is killing all the others. This was boring.

Best Lines:
"Old guy who talks like Obi-Wan."

"My retard janitor has wise things to say."

"Mom is crazy and we treat her like she's an eccentic."


A con named Wolf gets out of prison and starts taking back all his trucks that were sold at auction. How he knew who bought them isn't explained. He also kills some punks. Jesse Metcalfe rolls over a car, Annie is wannabe tough and patrronising.

A poor man's Josh Brolin and his bimbo are the Wolf's latest targets. What is the point of this boring crap? There was no logic to this ep. Annie and her love interest bitch about his ex because tearing down his ex proves how upright he is and how they should get together now that bitch is out of his life. Charming. These people evoke about as much empathy as the shark from 'Jaws', no wonder this crud was canceled.
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