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Torchwood Miracle Day Ep 8 Review

End of the Road
Angelo did well for himself. Angelo's grand-daughter and her bad wig annoy. Apparently we are supposed to care about Angelo the stalker. Esther's dim, the stock market collapses and The Three Families lurk. Shapiro (John De Lancie) shows up. When did Rex put in the contacts? Someone dies and others get blown up.

Danes annoys, Jilly is spied on and people are volunteering to be Category 1. Gwen and Rhys are thankless and rude, Gwen's deported. Category 0 is brought in. Danes may be looking for someone, Rex is dumb, Jilly is promoted, someone is shot and yet more people have bad taste in friends. This was good.

Best Lines;
"Take that fat ass traitor to the airport, put him in cargo."

"This technology would send it to damnation."

"We're way above PhiCorp."

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