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Supernatural 6x13 + Teen Wolf 1x09 Reviewed


Seasons 4, 5 and 6 are about as 0.02% as enthralling as seasons 1,2 and 3. We get flashbacks to Sam hunting with Samuel and Sam is stupid, violent, gross and pervy. Sam lies. Something went on a year ago and now something is going on, again.

Everyone's an idiot. A spider monster can text message, didn't 'Charmed' do this already? Why do all the monsters look human? Where's the sheriff? Sam messes up. This was boring and stupid.

Wolf's Bane

Allison's family fire off assault rifles without any consequences, aren't there laws against that? Does a 'he needed killing' excuse apply to this town that they're getting away with their crap? Scott never apologisess for his lie, why does Derek put up with him?

Jackson's figured out Scott's secret and acts crazy. If Scott hadn't been so dumb, it wouldn't have happened. Scott only cares about lacrosse and Allison, he's a twit. Allison has undergone another personality change. Scott pulls faces, Jackson dumps Lydia.

This suffers from the same problem as 'Chuck' and 'Smallville', the lead is a smug dislikeable git. Scott breaks into a house full of sociopathic hunters and they fail to notice. There is unfunny comedy with Stiles and the po-faced Derek.

Kate and Allison stroll around Derek's house, they apparently have no concept of trespass laws. Allison's father is a jerk and Kate is mental, yet Allison fails to notice. Jackson has a wish and the Alpha is revealed in unscary fashion. This was mediocre, the only highlight was some comedy from the mad lacrosse coach.

Best Line:
"No A in Econ if no win on field."
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