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'Sherlock' series 2 trailer
Oh no, not the git from 'Being Human'.

'The Hunger Games' teaser

'The Lost Boys' trailer
Cheesy VO and a bad trailer but the film is better.

'The Last Enemy' trailer
This BBC drama looks good, it aired in 2008 but I've no memory of it.

'The New Daughter' trailer
Looks interesting.

Coming Soon: Reviews of 'Ringer'.

There will be no review of 'The Vampire Diaries' ep 2x13 'Daddy Issues'.

'Scream 4' Quotes:

"Stick a fork in 1996 already."

"Last two teenagers standing."

"Who is this?"
"Not an app."

"The death of horror right here in front of us."

"What are you doing in the house with Sidney Prescott? I mean that's like being on 'Top Chef' with Jeffrey Dahmer."

"The Angel of Death leave?"
"No, she's in the guest room."

"I never said I was in your closet."

"Trevor's this generation's Billy Loomis."

"It's not like anyone reads anymore."
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