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United States of Tara 3x08 + True Blood 3x08 Reviewed

Chicken 'n' Corn
Tara makes a spectacle of herself, again. Marshall is tired of taking care of his parents. Kate meets her boyfriend's horrible son. Charmain makes the mistake of asking Tara to babysit her baby. Tara endangers the baby and lies to Charmain about it.

Marshall whines, Tara doesn't want to deal with anything and goes mental. This prompts a dark alter to emerge. This was okay, Eddie Izzard is the best thing in this.

Best Lines:
"Use words he can relate to."

"Stole a handful of mom's wacky tablets."

"If you don't want to end up hanging from an extension cord tied to a rafter in the pantry while your toddler is poking at your toes, true story, sit back down and have another cocktail."

Night on the Sun
Sookie's dumb and dismissive. Bill manipulates. Sookie is the least interesting person on this show. Sophie-Anne moves in with her husband, Talbot sulks and has too much gel in his hair. Arlene dreams of Rene, fake Cajun accent and all.

Sookie's stupid. Sam gets another reminder that his birth family are horrible horrible people. Witches are mentioned. Sookie is selfish. Tara speaks the truth, Sookie won't listen. Lafayette's mother shows up, Sookie ignores Alcide and is stupid, Talbot tantrums and breaks things. Jason's dumb, Debbie Pelt annoys, Sookie and Bill get it on. Eric and Talbot get it on and then Eric stakes Talbot. This was good.

Best Lines:
"Hillbilly freak show."

"Russell took my family, now I take his."

"Franklin's brains won't wash off the guest linens. I had to bury werewolves under the gazebo."

"You can't buy your way out of everything."
"Of course I can."

"They killed my Cooter!"

"I enjoy a good head ripping as much as the next vampire."

"You know what you sound like? One of those sad country songs about dumb bitches who let their men cheat and beat on them, all for the sake of true love. Let me tell you something. At the end of those songs the dumb bitches always end up dead."

"She and her pack of weretrash."

"Go ahead leave. Like you've been doing for centuries."

"I'm bored, take off your clothes."

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