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Nikita 1x22 + Supernatural 6x12 Reviewed


Roan speaks. Micheal is not dead. Birkhoff needs a beat down. Oversight are revealed. Percy wants a promotion. Micheal gets out of Division's dungeon and administers a beatdown. Percy's big bad plan falls apart. Alex dosen't care about Micheal when she can whine instead. Ryan is still boring. Micheal makes a decision, all other Division agents are not seen. Nikita's loft is found again. Alex gets a job offer. Season 2 will either be very good or very bad. This was very, very good.

Best Lines:
"He's preparing to dissolve her body right now."

"You brought me back."
"You were never that far away."

Like A Virgin

Why can't Dean be polite to Castiel? Why is everything always All About Sam? Sam has amnesia and annoys, he always gets away with his crap. Dean is crass. Bobby lies, Castiel tells tales. Dragons are on the loose, dumb ass dragons. Purgatory functions in no way I've ever heard of. The latest big bad shows up in a nightie: The Mother Of All, yawn. This was okay.

Best Lines:
"Could you make a few calls?"
"To who? Hogwarts?"

"What language is it?"
"Da Vinci code."

"This is all about opening a door to let something in."

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