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Underworld: Awakening’ trailer
A 4th one? I never saw the 3rd. So Selene’s been locked up for 12 years and is described as a “blight of nature”. Humans are now hunting vampires and lycans and where is Michael Corvin? And it is all in 3D? No, no and no again.

‘Obsessed’ trailer
‘Fatal Attraction’ with even more sexism.

Once Upon a Time’ trailer
WTF? Seriously WTF was that?

Charlie’s Angels’ (2011) trailer
Oh hell no.

The Lying Game’ trailer

‘Torchwood’ 4x07 promo
Die Gwen die.

The more ‘Fringe’ season 4 spoilers I read, the less I want to watch it.

I am reading the Sherlock Holmes pastiche ‘Shadowfall’. As soon as the fairy showed up and Holmes revealed he was a magician, I groaned.

Hollyoaks’ Quote:
He’s just seen you beat the living daylights out of me.”
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