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Torchwood Miracle Day Ep 6 Review

The Middle Men
The 45 Club show up. A guy from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ jumps off a building after seeing something at a construction site. The modules smoke stacks billow smoke, nobody cares. The idiot solider blubbers and Esther’s dumb. Jack flirts with a waiter and chats to Owens (Ernie Hudson of ‘Ghostbusters’) and learns PhiCorp may not be behind everything after all. Rex is dumb and something called The Blessing is blathered about. Jason Brooks cameos as a press secretary. Colin is annoying villain. Gwen annoys. There is an idiot fight scene and why is there C4 just conveniently lying around? How does Gwen manage to fly back to the USA? Why don’t Rhys and Anwen come with her? Who hacked the contacts? This was okay but it is typical selfish Gwen.

Best Lines:
“Never question a miracle. You might not like what you find.”

“Those ovens are waiting for all of us.”

“This place has been built around intuitional murder.”

“This is part of a much larger design, way beyond any of us.”
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