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Nikita 1x21 + Supernatural 6x11 Reviewed

Nikita is a user as Alex finds out. Michael’s 10 year stint in Division is up when he’s played and ends up doing a faceplant, that’s what dating catwoman gets you. Alex and Michael are both in trouble.

Birkhoff makes a ‘Harry Potter’ joke. Ryan Fletcher as played by the poor man’s John Barrowman annoys. Alex learns the obvious and the reason Dana the Guardian was so soft back in 1x20 is revealed. Alex is angry. Michael’s in trouble. Percy gloats. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
You look like you need some air.”

“Is he dead?”
“Not yet.”

“Tom Cruise on a harness couldn’t get in there.”

“My losses made you over confident. You didn’t notice when I started to lose on purpose.”

Appointment in Samarra
Dean does something stupid. Tessa the Reaper annoys, Death shows up and Robert Englund makes a pointless cameo. Englund’s cameo in ‘Hatchet’ was far better than this.

Dean finally mentions their half brother stuck in the cage, he doesn’t care much. Dean is Death for one day thus managing to rip off ‘Flatliners’, ‘Dead Like Me’ and a ‘Charmed’ ep all in one go.

Sam annoys, he, Bobby and Tessa all need to shut it. Sam tries to kill Bobby, no-one cares. Sam large hams. I don’t care this was crap with bad bad acting.
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