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True Blood 3x06 + United States of Tara 3x06 + Rubicon Ep 13 Reviewed

I Got A Right To Sing The Blues
Bill's dumb, Sookie needs to shut up, Russell screams and Talbot shrieks. Jessica acts out, Franklin gets freaky and Lafayette gets a boyfriend. Russell wants to marry Sophie-Anne, meanwhile Talbot (who he has been with for 700 years) is left playing cards with Eric. Sam uncovers just how trashy his birth family are. Jason's wooing of Crystal is thwarted, Sookie's stupid and escape is attempted. This is okay.

Best Lines:
"Dumb ass hillbillies."

"You my dear girl are no queen."

"I'll make sure your betrothed is properly restrained."

The Road To Hell is Paved with Breast Intentions
Buck shoots a crow. Tara and Charmain's mother shows up. Tara ignores Max. Kate is now a flight attendant and chasing new man candy, what happened to her season 2 boyfriend? This was okay.

Best Lines:
"T is even in AA."

"Embarrassment is healthy."

"Where's Dad?"
"He's in a place where they can take care of him. It's got a lot of trees, it's very nice."

"Is mom drinking while pregnant?"

You Never Can Win
Is Kateb dead? I guess so. Who is the mastermind? We never find out. Will finally tells people that API's intelligence is being manipulated, nobody gives a damn. Katherine discovers a secret on a DVD that she doesn't bother to watch all the way through cos she's dumb like that.

Andy is not what she seems. Grant gets Will's job. Will gets dissed. Katherine is killed off, finally. Tanya quits. Spangler gets a four leaf clover and taunts Will and the credits roll and that's IT? THAT'S HOW IT ENDS? OH COME ON!!! This should have ended with ep 12, this was just rubbish.
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